What is vCenter Log Insight

What is vCenter Log Insight and how you can work to resolve VMware issue?


For log management and log analysis in VMware vCenter we used Log Insight it delivers real-time results and log with high performance search and better troubleshooting across physical, cloud environments, and virtual.


1. With the help of vCenter Log Insight you can Extends Analytics to Log Data


On daily basis huge amounts of machine data generated in dynamic, virtual and cloud infrastructures, here vCenter Log Insight extends analytics capabilities to unstructured data and log files, it gives you operational intellect, visibility across all tower and tiers of your IT infrastructure and applications.


2. Available for All and easy to Use Log Management


Some tools in market are available but they are very high end user and specific to customer, but vCenter Log Insight’s is accessible to everyone. It is easy and fast to deploy, after installing you can start with log analytics immediately, without the need to learn a new query language.
3. Optimized for your VMware Infrastructure


It is having built-in support for your VMware deployments and the predictable.


4. Easy to Integrate


Easy to integrate with vCenter Operations and many other vendor products. In addition, it collects unstructured data that extends operational visibility and proactive management capabilities across infrastructure and applications across cloud, physical and virtual environments.


How this work


1. Open Mozilla, IE or Chrome and provide IP address of Log Insight


2. Then provide Login details


3. Here you have to provide Product key to activate this product.


4. All Done and you have to import logs from vSphere. Click vSphere Integration

5. Configuring vCenter & vSphere Integration

Before doing any thing you must connect Log Insight to one or more vCenter Server systems, so that you can collect alarms, events, and tasks data from your vSphere environment.

Log Insight can collect two types of data from vCenter Server instances and the ESXi hosts that they manage.

Events, tasks, and alerts are structured data with specific meaning. If configured,Log Insight pulls events, tasks, and alerts from the registered vCenter Server instances.

With the help of Log Insight you can analyzed unstructured data that is contained by Logs. ESXi hosts or vCenter Server Appliance instances can push their logs to Log Insight through syslog.

Ensure you receive a Test successful message before continuing.


 6. Configuration completed successfully.


After that click the next to Collect vCenter Server events, tasks, and alarms, you will notice that we need to configure vCenter to send its logs to Log Insight.



Excel Shortcuts Formulas and Basic function Keys

Here you will find Excel Shortcuts Formulas (vlookup, hlookup) and Basic function Keys self made shortcuts.

Basic Excel Features
Save the active file with its current file name, location, and file format.
Print File (Opens print menu).
Open File.
Display the Save As dialog box.
f10 (or alt)
Turnkey tips on or off.
Display the Excel Help task pane.
Display the Spelling dialog box.
Open the Visual Basic Editor to create Macros.
Display the Thesaurus dialog box.
Display the Macro dialog box.
Inside Worksheets
Ctrl+g or F5
Display the ‘Go To’ dialog box.
Repeat last find.
Move one cell to the right / to the left in a worksheet.
Alt+Page Down/Alt+Page Up
Move one screen to the right / to the left in a worksheet.
Selecting Data
Select all the rows and columns around the active cell.
Select the entire column Vertically
Display the Insert dialog box to insert blank cells.(if clip board empty)(if clip board having data then insert that data)
Ctrl+Shift+spacebar (twice)
Select the entire worksheet or the data-containing rows and columns.
Ctrl+Shift+Page Up (and Page Down)
Select the Next and Previous sheet in a workbook.
Turn on extension of selection with arrow keys without having to keep pressing shift.
Display the Paste Special dialog box.
Select the entire row Horizontally
Edit Cells
Move UP
Edit the active cell with cursor at end of the line.
Insert current date.
Insert current time.
Copy Data From above and right side row Making Chart
Create and insert chart
Insert / Edit a cell comment.
Insert Cell/Row/Column Menu
Insert a hyperlink.
Create and insert chart in a separate Chart sheet.
Display Create Table dialog box
Delete Cell/Row/Column Menu
Copy above cell values
Copy cell from the left
Copy above cell formulas
Copy above cell
Hide and Show Elements
Alt+Shift+Arrow Right
Group rows or columns.
Unhide any hidden columns within the selection.
Unhide any hidden rows within the selection.
Hide the selected rows.
Hide the selected columns.
Format Data
Ctrl+u or ctrl+4
or remove an underline.
or remove strikethrough formatting. (example)
Font adjustment
Ctrl+I or ctrl+3
or remove italic formatting.
Ctrl+b or ctrl+2
or remove bold formatting.
Format cells dialog.
Percentage format with no decimal places.
Number format with two decimal places, thousands separator.
General number format.
Time format with the hour and minute, and indicate A.M. or P.M.
Currency format. Ex. $1,231.00
Date format with the day, month, and year. Ex. 10-october-2014
Self Shortcut
Paste special
Alt+h then type v (P – past, F- Formula,O- formula and Number formatting, K- Keep Source Formatting)
Alt+ N
Insert Menu
Alt+ P
Page Layout Menu
Alt+ M
Formulas Menu
Alt+ A
Data Menu
Alt+ R
Review Menu
Alt+ V
View Menu


Setting Names
Define a name or dialog.
Create names from row and column labels.
Paste a defined name into a formula.
It will Start a formula (basic)
Select All
Display the Insert Function dialog box.
Insert the AutoSum formula.Ex = sum().
F4 ( while applying Vlookup )
It will freeze cell reference (e.g. =B69) makes reference absolute (=$B$70)
Insert a function into a formula .
Calculate all worksheets in all open workbooks.
Calculate the active worksheet.
Toggle Show formula in cell instead of values
Recheck dependent formulas, and then calculates all cells in all open workbooks, including cells not marked as needing to be calculated.
Toggle expand or collapse formula bar.
Put(=) VLOOKUP(lookup_value,table_array,
Calculate all worksheets in all open workbooks, regardless of whether they have changed since the last calculation.

Excel Shortcuts Formulas and Basic function Keys


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HP Blade System c7000 Enclosure

HP Blade System c7000 Enclosure


What is Enclosure:


A blade enclosure is a box which contains 16 half height and 8 full height blade servers (C7000) also provide services like Power, Network, cooling, Onboard administrator, interconnects, insight display, midplane and management from single console.


If we are talking about standalone servers then they will use 2 U or 3 U in rack. But blade chassis is saving the U’s of rack as well and power.

C7000 need only 10 U (b) Up to eight redundant interconnects

It includes a shared 7.1 terabit per second high speed nonstop midplane for wire one connectivity of these blade servers to network and shared storage.

Here power is provided through shared pool backplane it ensures that full capacity is available for all the blade servers.

What are and How to manage Enclosure components
We can manage with (1) OA (Onboard administrator) (2). Insight Display
OA: it enables complete remote management for your Enclosure (C- Class). With the help of OA you can monitor power and cooling management. You can do capping on power as well from here.

Onboard Administrator is a physical Hardware and we have to insert into Server by default chassis is coming with one OA.  By the help of OA we can manage our Blade Chassis and blade Servers which are inserted in All bay. This is not used for Network or Data traffic it’s purely used for Management traffic.

Recommendation: For redundancy purpose you have to use two OA.

It also connects with server ILO to the management network. It provides SSO (single sign-on) to ILO.
It also has direct connectivity to the ILO externally but need credentials for that.
Insight Display: Enclosure is having one Insight display which is a LCD panel for setup and configuration. But Onboard administrator enables you more control of your blade system infra.

 Insight Display- with the help of this display you can configure Chassis at the very first time. You can use DB9 Cable to take console of this insight display. You can connect your laptop and configure chassis server.


Signal midplane:

This is PCB (Printed Circuit Board) a Passive signal which is having 24 layer and 1600 copper traces or more. It is having 180 PIN

Passive means that there are not active electrical components on this PCB board. On the front side it contain 16 power supply connector for servers and storage, choice is yours what you want to insert.

Behind passive signal midplane funda is like you are inserting one Server in bay and carelessly it damage that connector but no worry you can connect servers in rest of the bays with not damage connector.

Note: If this is Active PCI then it will short circuit and not work.

Note: Older generation enclosure might not support newer interconnects and vice versa.


Signal midplane provides connectivity within Server, Network Module, Fan and OA.
 Do you know how much PIN is having a Half Height and Full Height Server?

Half Height – 100 PIN

Full Height – 200 PIN but used only 180 PIN rest 20 is used for inter bay connection.

Do you know how many ports are having one blade server?

Half Height:

2 LOM (LAN ON Motherboard) ports they are inbuilt ports

2 Slot from Mezzanine 1 (SLOT only not a port)

4 Slot from Mezzanine 2 (SLOT only not a port)

 Full Height:

4 LOM (LAN ON Motherboard) ports they are inbuilt ports

2 Slot from Mezzanine 1 (SLOT only not a port)

4 Slot from Mezzanine 2 (SLOT only not a port)

4 Slot from Mezzanine 3 (SLOT only not a port)

180 PIN can connect with interconnect module (back side of chassis)

Bandwidth which we got after fully populated chassis will be 5.12 TB/second for All servers.

Calculation behind This:

Half Height: Signal connector of each device has a 100 PIN connector with 64 high speed signal pins. They are not wire like RJ 45, they are hard wired to the interconnect bays.

So 64 ÷ 8 (Half Height Server) = 8 Pins and it called = 2 lanes which is connected with each interconnect.

So one lane = 4 pins

1 Lane = 4 Copper tracer = 4 Pins

One Port is giving 10 Gbps speed

Take an example:

Half Height Server:     8 Ports x 2 Lanes = 16 Ports

                                  16 ports x 10 Gbps = 160 Gbps

And  160 Gbps x 16 (Half Height Server) = 2.56 Tbps x 2 (both way data upload and download) = 5.12 Tbps

Now G3 having 12 Gbps speed.