Installing NSX Manager GUEST INTROSPECTION NSX Data Security

Guest introspection is a service that is deployed from NSX Manager to offload security functions. Guest Introspection installs a new vib and a service virtual machine on each host in the cluster. Guest Introspection is required for NSX Data Security, Activity Monitoring, and several third-party security solutions.

System Requirements for NSX

To install Guest Introspection First need to login into the vSphere web client and browse to Networking & Security.
on the left hand side click on Installation. Click the green plus symbol to add a new service deployment.

After this select Guest introspection


Select Storage and Network

Create IP Pool for the VM which NSX install for AV purpose.



Now select the IP Pool and click next

After that it will appear here in last tab

If you closely monitor vCenter task then it will start installing VM

In NSX manager you can see status.

Now your Guest Introspection is ready.


You can check this in vCenter under Newly created resource pool > ESX Agent.
This resource pool is auto created by NSX manager for these VM’s only.


If this VM giving you error or warning like Failed then just click on Resolve and it will delete the VM and create new VM.