How to configure Dell PERC H730 mini RAID Cards for VMware VSAN

I was facing some issue with VSAN cluster and after troubleshooting with the help of VMWare we found that our Dell PERC H730 mini RAID card is not in HBA pass-through mode. It was in RAID Mode and Disks are in pass-through mode.

Pre-requisites for VSAN.

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Pic Credit: VMWare

So As we know that VSAN pre requisites regarding Hardware RAID controller should be in HBA or pass-through mode.  Yes, HBA is pass-through mode in Dell PERC H730.

Note: Before starting this activity need to follow below steps.

1. Using Web client Put that ESXi host into maintenance mode and use this option Evacuate all data to other hosts.

2. After that Remove all the disks from that disk group and it will automatically delete that disk group.

3. Now Open iDRAC for that Dell Server and follow the below steps. (Press F2)

4. It will open below console and from here you can choose RAID settings.

2017-07-21 14_23_59-

Here you can select your controller.

2017-07-21 14_29_34-

2017-07-21 14_29_51-


2017-07-21 14_30_12-

Select Convert to RAID Capable

2017-07-21 14_30_12-

As you can see in below screen shot this Controller is in RAID mode.

2017-07-21 14_30_44-

Go further down and click on Advanced Controller Properties.

2017-07-21 14_31_00-

Select Switch to “HBA mode” option and your controller will be now in pass-through mode.

Note: If you select HBA mode then you can see below option to flip back to RAID.

2017-07-21 14_33_52-

After this reboot the Server.