What is VMware converter? Explain hot and cold migration?

Purpose:What is VMware converter? Explain hot and cold migration?


VMware converter is an application developed to migrate a source system into destination/target system. It converts and packages a machine or server into a new virtual machine that resides on an ESX/ESXi host. There are two types: A) P2V (Physical to virtual) B) V2V (Virtual to virtual)
A physical machine is converted into a virtual machine.
In V2V an existing VM running on one virtual platform is copied to a VM running on another virtual platform.


Cold Migration:

This occurs while source system is offline. That means physical source system is running but OS that is being cloned is inactive. A cold migration is being initiated by booting VMware converter from a disc. It is ideal for the systems like SQL Servers, Mail Servers/Exchange that have data regularly updated or altered.


Hot migration:

This occurs while the source system is in running state but few migrations are not recommended like AD domain controllers into a VM (This should be cloned during cold migrations). This works well with the systems where the local data remains static.
Note: During P2V all the physical drivers must be removed like PSP and firmware like other HBA card drivers cause in virtual platform it wide only consume CPU and Memory utilization with no reason.