How to Configure ILO in HP servers through RBSU

How to Configure ILO in HP servers through RBSU ?

Pre-requisites to configure ILO:

1. IP Address for ILO ( ILO Vlan IP),

2. ILO Port should be connected with Network switch and that network port should be in ILO Vlan or whatever ip you are using.

After visiting to your Datacenter or where server is located ,follow the steps below:

1. Power on the Server.

2. Press F8 and it will open up the ILO setting window.

 3. Here first you have to go Network > DNS/DHCP and then click enter to get into the network autoconfig.

4. Here you have to OFF DHCP by pressing SPACE BAR on your keyboard. After putting all the details press F10 to save the settings.

5. Then Go to Network > NIC and TCP/ IP settings press enter and here you have to provide static IP address. After setting up the same ,press F10 to save the settings.

Note : Network Interface Adapter should be ON State and Transceiver Speed Autoselect should be ON State.

6. Go To File option and click on exit.

Press Enter to configure ILO settings on your server.