Configuring Citrix Storefront 2.5

This article provide you how to configure Citrix StoreFront 2.5

Prerequisites :

A server with StoreFront 2.5




1. Create a new store called ( Name of your store).


2. Here you have to create Create Store and go ahead with next process.



3.  Here you have to provide Store name which you want to use for Business.( This will reflect in citrix storefront link)

4. Then you have to add XenDesktop Delivery Controllers that exist in the environment.

5. Allow access to XenDesktop using a HTTP connection only or HTTPS depend on business requirement.


6. Configure this store to be the default store to ensure that users of earlier Citrix client-side will be able to access the store.


7. Here you will see summary for StoreFront


8. If you want to configure Remote Access like you have OTP/VPN Server then here you can do this. On Default appliance you have to select store

9. Here configure the Configure Legacy Support.