How to create a site in Xendesktop 7.5 (Citrix)

How to create a site in Xendesktop 7.5 (Citrix) ?


  1. A Server which is having Citrix Studio role.
  2. Admin ID or an ID which is having Citrix Admin rights.
  3. Rights to Crete SQL Database or (Service Account)

1. Login into Server where you have installed Desktop Delivery Controller (DDC) where you’ll find these three Citrix Studio, Citrix  Scout and Citrix Director.Click on Citrix Studio. 2. Select the option for Site setup and Create a Site.   3. Select the option to ‘Create an empty Site….’ which can be configured later on.Click next. 4. On the ‘Database’ page, type database name (A) Database server location and Database Name, you can put as per your infra.Click next. 5. Test the connection to the SQL server database and click ok.

6. You may receive the following message you can Ignore this message.Click Ok.

7. Click on OK as all database connection tests passed.Click ‘Close’

9. On the Licensing page, enter the FQDN of the Citrix License Server Example : your licence key if you    wish to not to use any key use the option for free 30 days trial.Click next.

10. Select the option ‘connect me’ and Click on confirm to trust the connection.

a) Ensure a successful connection to the license server has been established before proceeding

b) Select ‘Finish’

c) Once the installation is completed, run the ‘Test Site’ option under ‘Common Tasks’

This will ensure your new site has been created and configured successfully.