How to Create a Machine catalog in Xendesktop 7.5 (Citrix)

How to Create a Machine catalog in Xendesktop 7.5 (Citrix) ?

1. Login into Citrix Studio and select ‘Machine Catalogs’.

2. Select ‘Create Machine Catalog’ on the right side pane.Click next.

3. Select guest Operating System for machine catalog, you have two options select either (a) Desktop OS for Windows XP/7 VM’s  or (b) Server OS for Shared Hosted Server Desktop.Click next.

4. On the Machine Management option, select the type of machines to be delivered as Virtual Machines and select any of the options from Deploying Machines using services Options as Citrix Machine Creation Services (MCS) and also choose Resource Pool.

5. It will ask you for the master image Page Select the Master image for the VMs.Click next.

6. On the Virtual Machine option you have to choose number of Virtual machines needed (How many virtual machine do you need in this catalog). Select Virtual CPU, RAM and HDD resources.Click next.

7. On  the Computer Accounts page select to create ‘AD computer accounts for Desktop OS and Server OS machine catalogs.

8. Final page is the Summary page click Finish and Machine catalog is ready.