how to creating Virtual Machines (VMs) in XenServer 6.2

how to creating Virtual Machines (VMs) in XenServer 6.2 ?

1. First login into Server where XenCenter is installed on, then open the Citrix Xencenter by click on the shortcut icon.

2. Right click on Resource Pool named as Test Pool and connect it.

3. Provide Login ID and password and then it will connect and show the server status.

4. Right click on the Resource Pool if in case you have multiple resource pools you can choose one and select to create anew VM  which will prompt you a new VM window.


5. This window will in the very first step will check the Admin account permissions, that should have all the required or you can say  full permission.Click next.

6. Select Guest OS type as per your need i choose ‘Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Bit as OS Type, and select ‘Next’.

7. It will ask you for VM name and description you you want to put in else you can leave it blank.Click next.

8. Select Booting Option ‘Install from ISO Library’ or you can ‘Boot from Network’, i choose ISO library and then click next.

9. Choose the home server option Do not assign a Home Server or Place the VM on this server and click ‘Next’

10. Allocate the required RAM and CPU resources as per your need. Click next.

11. Select the check box for ‘Use these virtual disks’ and select from the the available disks or you can add more disks if    required.Here you can select second option that will create a VM diskless that can be booted from the network and does not use      any virtual disks.Click next.

12.If in case you add more virtual disks, it will prompt you a Add virtual disk wizard, name it, describe it ,size and location.Click on       add button and next.


13. Select the Network and fill all the other details.Click on Add and next.

14. You can check the final Summary ,check on the new VM starts automatically and click on Create Now which will create your VM.