What is EFI firmware option in vSphere5?

Purpose: EFI firmware option in vSphere5?


In vSphere 5 you can choose your traditional BIOS option or new EFI firmware. New EFI firmware doesn’t allow working with – A) Windows B) Any kind of n/w boot.
New EFI firmware allows working with:
  1. Allows you to MAC OS (ESXi host running on an apple flat form.
  2. Offers build in drivers for H/W and Shell.
Now in vSphere 5 ESXi servers can be booted on the systems that are using EFI firmware and can be booted from CR-ROM drive, USB Drive, Hard Drives.


Go to VM Edit setting – Option tab – boot option – Choose EFI firmware and check on next time the VM boot force entry into the EFI firmware startup screen.