How to Create Host Profile in VMWare

This article will describe about how to create host profile in VMWare, You can create the host profile from your reference host.

1. First login into server where VMware vSphere Client is installed.

2. After that provide Vcenter server IP or name and put credentials.

3. vSphere page is visible .Go to home and click on Host Profiles.


4. On the next page ,you will see a Host profile option ( on the left side) .Click on Create a Host Profile option.


5. It will open up a Create Profile Wizard and there are two options:

a) Create Profile from existing host ( A host is fully configured with all the settings according to requirement           of your environment)

b) Import profile ( If you have profile settings which is imported from other server)


6. Here you have to decide which option need to select, i am selecting Create Profile from existing host

7. Select the datacenter and expand it and then select the host from which you want to create profile.


8. After that provide name for this profile and description .Click next.


9. It will show you the Summary and click on finish.


10. Now your profile is ready


Note : if you are getting error while Creating host profile from an ESXi host.

1. Log in to vCenter Server as a Domain user from the vSphere Client.

2. Select the ESXi host you want to create or update a host profile from the inventory.

Click the Configuration tab > Click the Security Profile link >Click Properties >Click CIM Server > Options.


3. Select Start and Stop with host if it is not set this way by default.

4. Click Restart > Click Start > OK.