Create a Network Load Balancing Cluster (NLB)

This article will let you know that how to Create a Network Load Balancing Cluster for your Terminal servers or Storefront Servers.


What is NLB (Network Load Balancing)?


Network load balancing distributes the traffic load between members of NLB servers through which come through TCP/IP.
The best example where we can use is Jump box and Citrix Storefront etc.
(Jump Server – they are the servers from which we can do RDP of servers to manage devices in a separate security zone or within the same zone)


 This is basically used in big environment where your users login frequency is high. This will help to them to serve in a better way.
  1. NLB support 32 servers in a single cluster
  2. You can add Host to NLB cluster without bringing down the cluster vice versa for deletion hosts
  3. Detect and recover host that fails or goes offline.
  4. Automatically load the balance when you add hosts or remove
  5. Within 10 seconds it can redistribute and recover the load
Easy to manage: You can manage or add servers from a single server through NLB manager.



Prerequisites for NLB setup

  1. Two or more server.

  2. Two Network adaptor ( you can configure with one adaptor but it’s best practice)

  3. Use only TCP/IP

  4. Serve should be in domain

  5. All the servers which you want to add in this NLB should have Network Load balancing Features installed


Installation Steps:
1. Login into server and open Server Manager and go to Features

2. After that it will show you the entire features list.

3. Here you have to select Network Load Balancing and click next.

4. After that it will show you summary and click on install.

5. After that go to Start Menu and open Administrative Tools and here you will see one option Network Load Balancing Manager click on this and procedure further.


6. Here you will see Network Load Balancing Manager Console. Right click and click on New Cluster option.


7. Here you have to provide Your Second Server IP or name (FQDN) which you want to add. Here you will see two NIC/IP details which are existing on that server. Select the NIC which you want to use for NLB.


8. After selection you see IP and Subnet IP, click next.


9. Here you have to provide Cluster IP Address Click on add.

10. Here you have to provide IP for cluster, Full internet name and cluster operation mode.


11. If you want to configure Port rules then click edit and do the same.


12. Here you will see your server