Patching ESXi with VMware Update Manager

To Keep you environment Up-to-date and Risk free


What is Update manager: 
It allows you to manage automatic patch and version management for ESXi Hosts, Virtual machine hardware, VMware tools and Appliances as well.
You can install Patches for these (components) through single console, easy to manage.
It will also help you to keep you infra up to date with latest patches, Hotfix and reduce vulnerabilities. Also low your security breaches risk.


Update manager can perform below tasks:
  1. It can scan the infra for checking compliance and apply the updates on selected Hosts, Virtual appliance and also on Virtual Machine Hardware to update them with selected updated or version.
  2. It can also update third party software’s on hosts as well.
  3. It can upgrade Hosts directly from previous version to new one.
  4. It can ( 5.1 update manager) update Hosts: ESXi 4.x and 5.x version.


Note:  A Host which is upgraded or migrated from lower version to higher version will not be roll back to old version. To avoid this you should backup your Hosts configurations before any activity so that you can restore to old state.

How to do patching with Update Manager


 1. Open VCenter and go to Update Manager


2. After that you have to create baseline first

3. A dialog box will be visible here you have to provide Name for this base line. Also select base line type : like a) Host Patch b) Host Extension c) Host Upgrade or if you want to upgrade your virtual appliance then select VA Up grade.


4. On the next page you will see Patch Options: Fixed and Dynamic

Recommendation: Always use “Fixed” option for your environment. Dynamic is used in that situation where you have installed New ESXi and want to update all updated which was release till date.

5. Here you have to select which patch you want to install. Select that patch and click on down arrow.


6. Ready to complete page will show you summary


7. After creation you will see this base line in Baseline and Groups tab.
 Then you have to go to vCenter > host and cluster. Select Host and go to update manager Tab


8. Then go to Attach > 9. select the patch Baseline

9. Then you have to scan and get the host status as Non-Compliant or incompatible or compliant.
10. After that you have to click on Stage > this will copy or put all the patches on host repository
11. After that click on Remediate > this will install all the patches to that host.




Need to put Hosts into Maintenance Mode
Before starting remediate a host needs to be in Maintenance Mode. This ensures that no live virtual machines are running on the system, they have either been vmotion onto other hosts or powered down. The remediation task is able to put the host in maintenance mode for you.