How to perform vMotion migration?

Purpose: How to perform vMotion migration?



Go to VM -> right click on VM and select Migrate VM. This will prompt you a window:-

  1. Select Migration Type: O Change Host .

O Change Datastore.

O Change Both  Host and Datastore.

(But for this change both Datastore and Host , VM must be powered off)

Here we select change host option as this is host migration only and not a storage migration (svMotion).

  1. Destination: You will have to select the host that is having shared storage to move the VM. You need to check whether the Compatibility Validation: Succeeded, if the compatibility isn’t validated successfully then this will cause an error and we should not perform that vMotion to that host because it may have compatibility issues.
  2. vMotion Priority: O High priority.

O Standard priority.

Here we select High priority to make sure that this migration is performed with high priority.

  1. Ready to complete.



In the earlier versions of vSphere 5.x it is not allowed to use multiple NICs concurrently  and only use a single NIC to decrease the amount of time taken to migrate a VM using vMotion but now in the versions of vSphere 5.x and above allows to use multi NIC for vMotion .

The number of Nics supported for vMotion are as given below:

1GBE (Gigabyte Ethernet)-> 16 NICs supported

16GBE (Gigabyte Ethernet)-> 4 NICs supported