How to Create a SAN Certificate for citrix


This article will let you know that How to Create a SAN Certificate for IIS server or Storefront (Citrix) server.

1. On the server where this certificate requires, run ‘CMD.EXE’ as an administrator.
2. Run the MMC Snap-In
3. Add Certificate Services, to the local machine
4. Create a custom request

5. Here you have to Proceed without an enrolment policy

6. Choose the following settings as shown in below pic

7. Here you have to click on Select Properties

8. Add the friendly name (i.e. Citrix or Server name with date)

9. Add the DNS Names required for the certificate. It’s important here to add the DNS name of the server as well as the alternative names in case primary server down then secondary DNS server can reply.

10. Choose the certificate Common Name

11. Now you have to Add details for the Key Usage

12. Add details for the extended Key Usage

Now your certificate is ready. The request file should be saved, and the request completed on the Certificates server