What is snapshot in VMware

This article will let you know about VMware snapshot

Virtual machine snapshots in VMware ESXi


If you are doing any activity in your production environment and something goes wrong then what? You will be in trouble and also having pressure from business to make that server up and running fine.
Here snapshot will help you. How?
First what is snapshot?


When you take a snapshot, you capture the state of a virtual machine settings and the virtual disk. If you are taking a memory Snapshot, you also capture the memory state of a VM (Virtual machine).


Note : They are not backup of virtual machines.


A snapshot consists of files that are stored on a supported storage device. A take snapshot operation creates: .vmdk-delta, .vmdk, .vmsd and .vmsn files.

1Vmname-number.vmdk and Vmname-number-delta.vmdkSnapshot files that represents the difference between the current state of the VD and state that existed at the time the previous snapshot was taken
2Vmname.vmsdDatabase of the VM’s snapshot information and the primary source of information for the snapshot manager
3Vmname.snapshot number.vmsnMemory state of the VM at the time you take the snapshot. This file is created each time you take a snapshot, regardless of the memory selection. This .vmsn is much smaller without memory than one with memory.