What is vCenter Log Insight

What is vCenter Log Insight and how you can work to resolve VMware issue?


For log management and log analysis in VMware vCenter we used Log Insight it delivers real-time results and log with high performance search and better troubleshooting across physical, cloud environments, and virtual.


1. With the help of vCenter Log Insight you can Extends Analytics to Log Data


On daily basis huge amounts of machine data generated in dynamic, virtual and cloud infrastructures, here vCenter Log Insight extends analytics capabilities to unstructured data and log files, it gives you operational intellect, visibility across all tower and tiers of your IT infrastructure and applications.


2. Available for All and easy to Use Log Management


Some tools in market are available but they are very high end user and specific to customer, but vCenter Log Insight’s is accessible to everyone. It is easy and fast to deploy, after installing you can start with log analytics immediately, without the need to learn a new query language.
3. Optimized for your VMware Infrastructure


It is having built-in support for your VMware deployments and the predictable.


4. Easy to Integrate


Easy to integrate with vCenter Operations and many other vendor products. In addition, it collects unstructured data that extends operational visibility and proactive management capabilities across infrastructure and applications across cloud, physical and virtual environments.


How this work


1. Open Mozilla, IE or Chrome and provide IP address of Log Insight


2. Then provide Login details


3. Here you have to provide Product key to activate this product.


4. All Done and you have to import logs from vSphere. Click vSphere Integration

5. Configuring vCenter & vSphere Integration

Before doing any thing you must connect Log Insight to one or more vCenter Server systems, so that you can collect alarms, events, and tasks data from your vSphere environment.

Log Insight can collect two types of data from vCenter Server instances and the ESXi hosts that they manage.

Events, tasks, and alerts are structured data with specific meaning. If configured,Log Insight pulls events, tasks, and alerts from the registered vCenter Server instances.

With the help of Log Insight you can analyzed unstructured data that is contained by Logs. ESXi hosts or vCenter Server Appliance instances can push their logs to Log Insight through syslog.

Ensure you receive a Test successful message before continuing.


 6. Configuration completed successfully.


After that click the next to Collect vCenter Server events, tasks, and alarms, you will notice that we need to configure vCenter to send its logs to Log Insight.