How to add new vlan in virtual connect flexfabric

This article will let you know How to add new vlan in virtual connect Flexfabric. I had a task to add new vlan in virtual connect Flexfabric (HP). Network team created new vlan and i want to use that for my virtual machines. so before adding you should calculate impact and how much critical servers are running on that chassis. After that you can start adding vlan to your virtual connect Flexfabric.


1. First log into server where virtual connect manager is installed


2. After that it will open virtual connect manager page here you have to provide ID and password

3. Here it will show you virtual connect manager options. here you have to go to Server Profile Management and click on Manage Server Profiles


4. Here you will see Server profiles tab and all the servers for this datacenter


5. Then you have to select a host on which you want to add newly created vlan, after selection click on Edit button so that you can add.


6. Here it will show you progress bar and it will take some time to open


7. After clicking Edit it will show you all the NIC settings below


8. Here you have to be very careful select the NIC for which you want to add vlan and click on edit symbol


9. After that it will show you uplink here select your uplink and search the vlan ( type the vlan number ) and click on filter it will show you the vlan for which you are looking

Same need to provide for other uplink


10. After finish this you have to click ok which is near to bottom of this page.

Here you have just added vlan in flex fabric switch now you have to add into VCenter as well.

 11. Open VCenter and go to Home > Networking


12. After that you will see Data Center and Distributed Switch


13. Right click on Distributed Switch and go to New Port Group option


14. Now here you have to provide Vlan name which will be reflecting for Virtual machines. Port Groups as well and VLAN type: VLAN. ON Vlan ID you have to provide which ID that is created on Network switch by network team.


15. On Ready to complete page you will see summary and click on finish.