Q. How to perform VLAN Tagging?

Host -> configuration -> N/Wing -> properties of that switch -> edit after selecting the port groups in ports tab Example:- select VM N/W -> edit.

Where you can put VLAN ID 101 that is already configured on the physical switch by N/W administrator make sure that match.

If you want to create multiple VM port groups click on add button – > select virtual machine instead of VMKernal as it is VM port group or for VM traffic and put VLAN ID 102.

Both the VLAN’s going through the same uplink/NIC (physical) that is already configured. You don’t need dedicated physical NIC for every subnet for every VLAN in your infra.

You can use port trunking and VLAN tagging so that you can use or able to pass traffic into multiple VLANs with the same physical NIC.