How to check Virtual Machine (VM) freeze logs in VMware


This article guide you How to check Virtual Machine (VM) freeze logs in VMware


a) SSH should be enable/running for that Host.


1. Open the putty.


2. Connect to ESXi host on which your virtual machine is residing (You can connect to any ESXI host which is same VMware cluster in which your Virtual machine is residing. But the SSH service of the ESXi host must be in running state). Click on open.


3. Enter the root credential which was supplied at the installation time.

4. Then type find . –name vmname.vmx and enter.

5. Then type CD the path which got apart from the name which we were searching.
6. Then make sure vmware.log if it existing on the location bu using ls -l.

7. Then run grep| “Checkpoint_Unstun: vm stopped for” vmware.log in addition you can use |less so sceen will move slowly.

8. If you are getting the below result it is confirming VM is getting freeze.

Note: In this example, the virtual machine was stunned for 1098094 microseconds (1 second = 1 million microseconds).