VMware vRealize Automation: Deploy Virtual Machine

As of now we have done VRA appliance setup, Fabric layer setup, Blueprint creation and Service entitlement.

Now we will See how to Create/Deploy Virtual Machine using Service Catalog which we have created in previous Blog.
1. Login with bg-user@vclass.local URL : http://IP-or-FQDN/vcac

2. After login this is First Screen you will See.

3. Click on the Catalog ( top ) and under that you will see Service Catalog which you have created like

a). Linux Virtual Machine
b). Windows Machine
c). Multi-Machine Service etc.

4. Now Select the Catalog and click on Request > after that it will ask you to provide Some information like

a). How many Machine
b). Lease duration
c). CPU
d). Memory
e). Storage etc…


You will get Request Successful status.


If you want to check the progress of your virtual machine then go to Requests Tab and here you will get information of virtual machine request.