VMware vRealize Automation: Blueprint

What is Blueprint in vRealize Automation.

Blueprint is a method for Machine Procurement. User doesn’t know what is happening at background, what command is running and all those we are hiding the Complexity and providing a Interface from where User just need to provide Basic Details like RAM, CPU etc.

BluePrint is used for Provisioning a Machine either from Cloud Amazon, Air, Openstack etc. or from physical or virtual ( vCenter ).

IF you are working in a organisation and there users required multiple OS and they are working with multiple flavour like Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, Linux etc to fulfil the requirement they need virtual machine for the same.
How they can request their own choice of virtual machine. they don’t know who to create VM. here VRA blueprint help them. they just need to select the Blueprint as per the requirement and provide basic details and done.
There Machine will be ready in few mints.

Types of Blueprint: Single Machine and Multi-Machine.

Now Let’s see how to create Blueprint.

1. Login into VRA http://IP-or_FQDN/vcac
User name is : tenant-admin@vclass.local

2. Go to Infrastructure tab > Blueprints > on R.H.S click on New Blueprint > under Virtual vSphere (vCenter)

Here you will get Four Tabs > Blueprint Information

a). Under Blueprint Information you have to provide Basic details like > Name & Description.
b). Blueprint options Select Master ( can be copied ) Select Shared blueprint (can be shared across groups)
c). Select Reservation Policy
d). Machine Prefix
e). Maximum per User
f). Archive (days) and
g). Cost (daily)

Second Tab:

Under Build Information
a). Select Server from dropdown
b). Action > it could be Create, Clone, Linked Clone etc
c). Now select from where you want to clone Clone From : OS need to select.
d). Customization spec



Third Tab:

Fourth Tab:

under This you can set
a). Machine Operations like Destroy, Expire, Power on etc and
b). Snapshot is allowed or not.
c). Reconfigure: Allow reconfigure Yes or No

You Can Create Blueprint like CentOS, Windows-OS, Linux-OS and Multi-Machine.

Within Single Blueprint you can merge multiple Blueprint. From where you can create multiple Machine.

Go to New Blueprint – Multi-Machine >
a). Provide Name
b). Description
c).Blueprint options
d). Machine Prefix

From Second Tab: Build Information

a). Click Add Blueprints > select Cent_OS and Windows_OS

**Note: Don’t forget to Publish the Blueprint after creation otherwise it will not be visible.

SandeepKaushik and ShaswatiMukherjee

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