VMware vRealize Automation: Fabric Layer Configuration

Continuing to Last post we will start configuring VMware vRealize Automation Fabric layer.

What we will do in this task.

1. Create Machine Prefixes: First you have to decide what prefix you will use for the Virtual machine which will be provision via VRA.As per you company Naming Convention or Get This Answer from
Concerned Person.

2. Create Reservation Policies: You Have to create Reservation policy again as per your requirement and if demanded by any customer/support team. Here you have to provide name only.
like Production-SAP-Server-Reservation, Test-SQL-Server-Reservation etc.

3. Create a Network Policy: This is important here you have to Create Network policy and Provide Justified Name with IP Details. here you have to provide multiple details regarding Network like you
want to use External Network,NAT, Private etc.so we will see how to create and use
IP range for Servers.

4. Create a Business Group: Business Group is used to assocate services and resouces to a group of users.Here you have to define AD OU details also users details who can access and done
editing. Here reservation applied

5. Create a Reservation: If you are aware of vSphere Concept there we are creating reservation for VM’s or Creating Resource Pool so that group of VM’s can consume that much Compute Capacity. Here are
also doing same thing we are creating Reservation so that Business Group can consume
the same. We are doing Reservation in terms of Compute (RAM and CPU) and Storage.

**Note: Here you can also define Machine Quota How much machine you can create.
First you have to login with Correct User to perform these task. User is : fabric-admin@vclass.local.

1. Url remain Same http://IP-or-FQDN/vcac

2. After login you will see Goals on the left hand side.there you have to select Create Machine Prefixes.

3. Here you have to create Machine Prefixes > First click on the New Machine Prefix ( on the very Right hand side ). after that it will ask you to provide few details like Machine Prefix, Number of Digits and Next Number for your Virtual Machine.

4. Now You Are done with First Step Proceed to Next Step which is Reservation Policy.

Under the same Goal Click Create Reservation.> First on the Very Right hand side click New Reservation Policy.

Here you have to provide Name for this Policy like Mid Range, SAP, Oracle etc. Also description so that other Admin can understand the purpose of this policy. Under this option you are also allowed to create Storage policy as-well.

Now Second Step is completed.

Third Step Creating Network Policy here you have to provide multiple details

5. Under the hood of Reservation you see this option. Network Profiles
Click Network Profiles : you will get an option to create network profile : on the right hand side > New Network Profile > here you have multiple option to choose. Like External, NAT, Private, Routed

In My case i will use External Network

Here you have two Tabs First one is Network Profile Information and Second one is IP Range.

A) First Tab:
You have to provide Name and Description, after that required field is Subnet which you want to use along with Gateway.Primary DNS and DNS suffix in which domain it will search etc

B) Second Tab: Click on New Network Range and provide Start and End IP. for this details you have to talk to your network admin.After providing Network details it will give the list of IP also let you know which ip is Allocated or unallocated.


6. Now it’s time to Crate Business Group. For that you have to login via tenant-admin@vclass.local

After login you will see Goals on the left hand side.there you have to select Create Business Group.

7. Once you click on Create Business Group You have to fill the given form like Name of Business Group with Description, Default Machine Prefix wich it will use while creating Machine. Group Manager role to whom you want to assign this role and Email id to send manager email. Also Support Role with User role you can define.

Now Final Step is Creating Reservation so that Business Group can use.
Go Back and login with Fabric-admin@vclass.local and go to Reservation option and create one.

Here click on New Reservation and Select Virtual under the hood you will get multiple option select vSphere (vCenter)


Here you will get Four Tab

On the Very first tab you have to
a). Select Name of Compute Resource from dropdown list (Automatically pick up from vSphere).
b). Name and Tenant ( vsphere.local is our default and only one) from dropdown list.
c). Business Group from dropdown list. ( Created above )
d). Reservation Policy : Created Above
e). Machine Quota: How many machine you can deploy max.
f). Priority : like 1, 2, 3…

** Note: Don’t forget to Enable this Reservation.

Second Tab:

Resources: Here you can define the number for Physcial RAM and Storage capacity will be reserved. Also Set the Storage Priority.

Third Tab:

Network: Here Network Path will be automatically populated need to select Network Profile which was created in above step.

Fourth Tab:
Alert: if any.

And here is your reservation.

And You are done with All the steps.

SandeepKaushik and ShaswatiMukherjee

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